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Egg-Citing Gifts For Your Flock

If chickens could talk, what would they tell you they wanted for Christmas? 

This is what we think they’d say:

First Saturday Lime to keep our coop smelling good and deter pests. 

Flygrubs are sustainable, organic grain free feed that naturally support our immune systems. They’re tasty and one of our favorite snacks!

A nice waterer is totally underrated! We use it multiple times a day so it’s great to have one that is easily cleaned by our humans. De-icers are handy to ensure our water doesn’t freeze over the cold Michigan winter.

Herbs keep our nesting boxes feeling like luxurious spa! We love this blend from Faith and Farms and this one from Scratch N’ Peck Feeds.

We’d love some new toys to play with, especially in the cold weather months when we don’t have bugs to chase. Use code CHICKOUTTAWATER for 10% off of your Omlet order.

Local Michigander Chelsea has beautiful egg cartons for sale online and we would love to see our hard work showcased in style.


So tell us, are you treating your chickens this holiday season? Or are they on the naughty list?

This article was written in partnership with Susan from ChickOuttaWater and co-host of #MeetMyChickenMonday. Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Are you treating your chickens this holiday season? Share with us below!

Susan Chick Outta Water

Written by Susan

Susan is a life long swimmer, wife, and mother of two young children, taking baby steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Learning along the way with chickens and garden tinkering. Follow her on Instagram at @ChickOuttaWater.

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